Taking Your Dog On Vacation

5 Proven Tips For Traveling With a Dog

Traveling with your canine friend can make a vacation even more fun and memorable. But traveling with a dog can also be challenging. Luckily, with some planning and preparation, taking your dog along on vacation isn’t as difficult as it might sound. Please keep reading to learn our proven tips for traveling with a dog!

Taking Your Dog On Vacation Tips

Tips For Traveling With a Dog

1. Plan Ahead

When traveling with a dog, there are some things you can do to help make the process easier. This will ensure a safe and stress-free journey for both you and your pet. First, you need to plan your travel schedule ahead of time. This will help you figure out any necessary paperwork and make your trip run smoothly.

Also, ensure you have your dog’s current vaccination certificates and rabies tag. These documents will be useful if you must cross borders while traveling with your pet. You should also take your dog’s regular food and water dishes along. They will be more comfortable using them, and it will be easier to feed them while traveling.

2. Travel With A Dog Crate

A crate is a great way to keep your dog safe and comfortable on the road or in the air. A good travel crate is made of sturdy material, is collapsible when not in use, and is easy to transport. If you’re traveling by car, you should pick a crash-rated crate that meets your state’s vehicle safety regulations.

If you’re flying, choose an airline-approved crate that meets IATA requirements for cargo travel. In addition to a crate, you should pack your dog’s leash and collar with identification tags. Include your pet’s name, address, phone number, and any medications they take. Also, attach feeding instructions and a bag of food.

3. Take Short Practice Drives

Taking short practice drives before heading out on long road trips is one of the most important things you can do to condition your dog for travel. It can teach them that the car isn’t scary and help them learn to stay calm in the vehicle. Practicing driving in a parking lot and taking progressively longer drives. This will also test your pet for any potential nausea issues before leaving on a longer trip.

It will also help them feel comfortable and secure while you’re in the car, making them less likely to jump in your lap or hang out of the window. On long trips, getting your dog out of the car occasionally is also a good idea. This can help them stretch their legs, get some fresh air, and relieve themselves. The latter is critical to ensure a better trip for all concerned.

4. Don’t Leave Them Alone

Leaving your dog alone can be stressful for them. This is especially true for dogs who are prone to separation anxiety or have medical conditions that cause them distress when you’re away. Rather than leaving your dog alone for long periods of time, consider hiring a sitter or getting someone to look after them if you are sightseeing at an attraction that does not allow pets while you’re gone.

This will help them stay relaxed and reduce the chance of them getting into trouble while you’re away. You can also pack a collapsible bowl for them to drink from while you’re out on the road. Avoid letting them roam freely. Like it or not, many unattended dogs are tempted to drink from puddles and ponds, which can harm their health. Keeping them hydrated with fresh water will help them feel happier and less anxious while you’re traveling.

5. Bring Plenty Of Dog Toys

This might be the most obvious tip for traveling with a dog, so we saved it for last. If you’re traveling with your dog, bringing plenty of toys to entertain them is essential. Just like children, dogs have a natural need for play and stimulation.

Toys can help keep your dog healthy and occupied, benefiting their mental development. Make sure to choose appropriate toys for your dog’s age and size. Soft, hard-backed, and stuffed dog toys are all great options for traveling with your pup. However, beware of stuffed toys that have stuffing that may become lodged in your dog’s intestines.

Tips For Traveling With a Dog Recap

Taking your pets on vacation doesn’t always have to pose a challenge. While we love to spoil our animals, it is imperative that you prepare in advance. Trained properly, your dog will become accustomed and might even look forward to your next vacation. Be it a pet-friendly cabin or booking an oceanside cottage for a run along the beach. When in doubt, a treat bribe always helps. Let us know in the comments section how well your dog travels with you. Better yet, feel free to send us some photos. With your permission, we might even feature your furry friend in a future Cabin Spots article!

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