Best How to Take a Vacation from Work Tips

Do you need a vacation from work? Who doesn’t? After all, as they said in “Dead Poet’s Society,” beauty, poetry, love, etc., are “what we stay alive for.” Thoreau also stated, “I went into the woods so that I could live deliberately….” What better way to take a much-needed break than finding a secluded cabin of your dreams to recharge?

How to Take a Vacation from Work

How to Take a Vacation from Work

Inspired by Greatness

Writers, artists, and poets, of which I am one, have long told us of the importance of enjoying life, taking in the scenery, and remembering to take in life to its fullest. All of us want to do this. However, few of us find a way to capture these inspiring words, except when we go on vacation.

Different Kinds of Vacations

Taking a vacation from work can be a trip across the country, a skiing trip to the Rockies, or a beach resort in Florida. Or, it can just be taking a few minutes each day to “escape.”

Plan for Tomorrow Today

If you don’t have the money to go on a vacation right now, you can start saving for one now. Set aside a little money every day to work toward your goal. With discipline and perseverance, you will reach your goal by working on your budget and making it a priority.

Mental Vacations: The Next Best Thing to Being There

In the meantime, try one of these mental vacations from work when you feel the need to escape for a few minutes.

  1. Close your door for 10 minutes and disconnect your phone. Just by taking a short escape from all of the interactions of the day, you may be able to recharge your batteries fast and be ready for your next meeting.
  2. Download a nature app. There are plenty of “sounds” and relaxing nature apps that you can check out to escape from it all just for a few minutes each day.
  3. Take a walk. If you are used to eating your lunch in your office, change your scenery. Perhaps by taking a short walk down the street and eating your sandwich on a park bench. Listen to the sounds of birds and the wind and rejuvenate your mind without the distractions of the office.
  4. Call a friend to chat. Sometimes just hearing the sound of a friend’s voice will help you to escape from the everyday chaos of your day. If your day is particularly stressful, make plans to call a friend for about five minutes per day to help you get through your day.
  5. Schedule regular breaks. The busy entrepreneur and office worker is a hard worker. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need some time to wind down once in a while. This time away from work (either mentally or for real) can give you the extra energy you need to get through the day better. So don’t forget to schedule regular breaks during your workday.

Dream of Your Next “Real” Vacation

Finding the perfect cabin spots makes for a relaxing vacation

Finally, read an online travel blog and vacation flyers on where you want to go on your next vacation. These travel tips can keep you inspired and give you something to work for in the future.  And last but not least; Don’t forget to visit Cabin Spots to dream about that next cabin in the woods that you’re going to rent when you take your next real vacation from work! Don’t live your life in quiet desperation. Prepare, plan, and dare to dream!

“I went into the woods so that I could live deliberately.”

-Henry David Thoreau

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