Coping With Depression after Vacation

If you are suffering from depression after vacation, you are not alone. You get a psychological “high” from planning for, looking forward to, and going on holiday. Many times this thrill is followed by a big letdown at the end. That’s perfectly normal. So that’s the first thing to remember. But how do you cope with this feeling when you get back from a trip?

Travel Tips Dealing with Depression

Depression After Vacation

How to Cope with Post-Vacation Depression

The way people cope with this feeling varies, and people are all different in handling these feelings of depression. One thing you can do is to think about why you feel depressed. Some people feel depressed after a vacation due to fatigue. General fatigue that comes from a vacation experience often makes someone feel sad. You may feel your level of energy drop from the normal levels when you return from a trip. So learn to recognize the feelings as possibly due to physical and mental fatigue.

Failure to Reach Vacation Goals

Another reason you may experience depression following a vacation is because you may not have had as good of a time as you wanted to. If you didn’t get to see everything you wanted to, lost your wallet, or didn’t have good weather while there, you may feel somewhat cheated from the vacation experience you had hoped to have. Remember that such is life, and be thankful for the good times you had to get away from it all. Also, remind yourself that it won’t be your last vacation.

Lack of Money

It’s tempting to spend too much money while on vacation. Then, when you get back home, you may regret overspending and realize you are now in a financial tight. You can’t do anything about the money you spent that went over your budget. But you can always start now to save more money in the future. Tighten up on another category in the next three months or so, and you’ll be surprised how fast you can get your budget back in shape.

Get Help for Severe Depression

There are many different reasons for after-vacation sadness. Learn to identify the causes and think of the good times to cope with this feeling. Start saving for your next vacation, as this can give you something to look forward to in the future. Finally, seek help for severe depression as this can lead to further problems. Some counselors can help you deal with this issue.

Often the best cure for depression is to find something else to be happy about in quick order. Replace the giddy feeling of vacation fever with a hobby or spend time with someone important to you. Don’t ignore depression of any kind. Try not to worry. Find happiness in even the smallest of things. Life still holds many great adventures for you!

Depression After Vacation Recap

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