Choosing the Best Food for Vacation Cabin Rentals

What kind of food do you pack for vacation? If you are like many people, you may throw some snacks in the back of your trunk as an afterthought right before you speed down the highway. But it may help to put a little more thought into this process. Having the right food for vacation cabin rental will save you a lot of leg work, driving, and hassles while on vacation. It may just make your holiday more relaxing, too! We’ve compiled a shortlist of foods that you may want to stock up on for your next vacation. You may want to add to it to suit your tastes, but we think this is a good start for planning your menus for your vacation.

Food for Cabin Vacation Grocery List

Non-Perishable Snacks

Peanut Butter and Apricot Preserves

The best kind of snacks for your vacation rental are snacks that are non-perishable items. Think about how well they will keep on your trip and whether they will melt in the sun. Candy bars and perishable items that are susceptible to heat are not good items to pack. Instead, buy many cracker snacks like peanut butter and crackers, cheese crackers, and other non-perishables. Granola bars are another excellent choice, provided they don’t have chocolate added that might melt in the sun. Cheese and dairy products are not suitable to take on a long trip as they may spoil before you arrive at your destination.

Dry Goods and Essentials

Cereal and Coffee are must on any cabin vacation grocery list

Cereals and oats are good items to pack, and you can fix them once you get to your cabin. They won’t spoil or get overheated in the car on the way to your destination. Think of other non-perishable dry goods such as peanuts (unless the traveler is allergic) that will keep well in any weather.

Instant Mix Soups and Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodles make a great food for vacation

You’ve probably tried instant macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles, or soups that you mix with water and fix in the microwave, huh? These are great items to pack since they won’t spoil on the road, and they are easy to prepare once you are there. Many of these “instant meals” also come in easy-to-prepare and eat containers. Just please remember to dispose of the consumed items properly.

Bread and Pastries

Local Family-Owned Artisan Bakeries

Bread and pastries will usually keep fine as long as they are kept sealed and in a reasonably cool place. The bread stays fresh in the plastic wrapping and will usually hold pies for two days. You can also search for local family-owned bakeries at your travel destination. The Cabin Spots™ team always tries to support #shoplocal small businesses whenever possible.

Grocery Shopping at Your Destination

Happy family grocery shopping before arriving at their cabin rental

Once you get to your destination, feel free to purchase a few more perishable items such as milk, cheese, and meats or canned goods. Provided your vacation rental has a kitchenette, you can fix anything you want, including breakfast foods like eggs, sausage, or bacon. Another fun thing to do is by getting in touch with your inner pitmaster by planning a BBQ during your stay. Try a regional BBQ Sauce and Seasoning to impress your family and tastebuds alike!

Just make sure you purchase any perishable items at your location, not before you leave, so you don’t risk them spoiling before you get there. Do your research about where the local grocery stores are in the area you plan to stay. Most locations have a quick stop of some sort where you can pick up these perishable items, so you don’t have to buy them on the road. 

Food to Take on Your Cabin Trip Recap

Best Food For Cabin Vacation

With a bit of planning before you go, you can plan your menus at your vacation cabin rental and lower the number of times you have to get out to find food. If you are staying in a remote ski resort or remote location, it’s definitely best to stock up before you go. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, be sure and check out our recent article Fun Things To Do In A Cabin. Safe travels everyone and please feel free to send us some photos of your cabin vacation!

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